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Whilst struggling to overcome a ‘creative block’, I obsessively began making various sculptures using cork floor tiles. I did not adopt any specific method or follow any distinct rule whilst creating these objects, (which first began only as floor pieces); the only constant I gave myself was that the shapes must be geometric and straight-edged. This process became quite freeing for me, as I was developing this momentum of working without worrying too much about the semantics of what I was doing. By then putting this idea into the framework of my personality (I feel I have obsessive compulsive tendencies, but am on the other hand extremely messy!) I was able to better understand myself, as well as develop a way of working that assisted my practice and complimented my own perfectionist ideals.

As part of my research I have looked into various art movements, as well as making several architectural connections. All of which has given me much to think about in terms of developing this body of work further. I would like to create another ‘scape’ of some kind, or perhaps even an entire space, using new materials (I am teaching myself how to cut and solder glass), and perhaps eventually move the work outside.