My work is born from a primal fascination with the body of the woman-artist, and it’s physical, emotional, and political presence in our world. A life spent travelling and moving from place to place, has led to an unrelenting desire to understand, become connected to, and interact with, my shifting surroundings. Often, this process can be challenging, inducing feelings of fear, anxiety, and a sense of unbelonging. To navigate these emotions, I make images featuring the recurring motif of the covered, disguised, or faceless figure.

Most recently, my practice, and my life, have been forever changed. Pregnancy, childbirth, and the ongoing (and never-ending) experience of motherhood have prompted me to create in different ways. A combination of highly-personal materials, such as mine and my partner’s fallen hair, our out-grown clothes, and pillows from our bed, are used to give sensual fabric installations weight and form. Not only do these fabric forms exist as sculptural installations but are also found within the images I create. This inward/outward doubling reflects the complex feelings of ambivalence associated with motherhood: Often it feels like my body has been given over to another, it is no longer mine; at the same time, I know it to be a site of tremendous strength, power, and creative expression.

Through my work I hope to explore the sometimes problematic yet celebratory aspects of being a mother-artist.


Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to a Canadian mother and Welsh father, Robyn LeRoy-Evans spent much of her early life on the move. She bounced between the U.S. and Canada a few times, enjoyed a brief stint Down Under, and finally settled in the U.K., where she received most of her formal education. After earning a First Class Honours Degree in Fine Art from Sheffield Hallam University, she desired a fresh start in an unfamiliar city. A Google search revealed that New Orleans may be the kind of place she was longing for…

Two weeks after making the decision to move, she touched down at Louis Armstrong International Airport, not knowing a soul, yet fiercely determined to carve out a new life for herself as an artist. Four years later it seems she has put down some strong roots: Robyn is now a member of an artist-run gallery, The Front; has met the love of her life; and most recently, has become a mother.

Motherhood is unfolding into one of her greatest and most inspiring adventures yet.