ARCHIVE > The Bruise

bruise erotic sexual mark-making photography by Robyn LeRoy-Evans
Digital print
acrylic on card bruise print made by Robyn LeRoy-Evans
Acrylic on card
pencil on tracing paper artwork made by Robyn LeRoy-Evans
Pencil on tracing paper
wooden stamp art installation made by Robyn LeRoy-Evans
Wooden stamp on artist’s pillow
Stamp size approx. 120x90x90

A body of work that awakened my curiosity and prompted research into the realm of eroticism; specifically sexual mark-making and the representation of erotic biting within literature and art.

I am interested in the possible positive connotations that biting, and its lingering marks, could have in terms of creating and subsequently memorialising an intensely passionate, erotic exchange. Further investigation may initiate new ideas and opinions towards sadomasochistic practices, as well as call into question (and perhaps even influence) people’s own sexual proclivities.

- From the essay How have artworks by Carolee Schneemann, Vito Acconci, Julião Sarmento, as well as literary works by Marquis de Sade, Georges Bataille and Pauline Réage, represented the erotic aspects of biting as a physical act? by Robyn LeRoy-Evans (2011).